Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun!

Tawni and I have talked about hanging out and do "fun" summer stuff every summer, but this summer is the first one that we have old enough boys to actually hang out and go places.  It's nice to have the summer time as a "stay-at-home-mom" to do all the fun during the day things that we miss during work/daycare.

A few weeks ago, we sat down and put everything we wanted to do on the calendar with specific dates and times.  Our first "Summer Fun" activity, was a trip to Pump it Up in Rancho Cucumango.  They have free jump time from 10 am - noon every Tuesday and Thursday for $7.  With the online coupon, we got to go for $6 (and Nathan was free).  As a photo disclaimer--most of them are blurry in some way.  I only  had the small (slow) camera and with the movement, they just aren't that good.
 All the boys climbed right in and started jumping, rolling, and laughing.
 Tawni and I did some sliding with the boys
 Andrew decided that it was more fun to do it himself (and he did); Andrew managed to climb all the way up this a few times.  Sammy, on the right, lapped him a very times.
 Nathan and Andrew played in the full size basketball court.

 Sam ran all over and went up and down all of the different slides! 
After the initial fear was gone, it was unstoppable.
 Andrew was getting more and more daring.  This wall was the first part of the obstacle course and it was pretty hard for him, but he didn't give up and successfully got over the wall (he then got stuck and needed to be rescued by one of the big kids).

 Cheesing it up and Pump it Up!

 This last slide had a HUGE ladder that was almost straight up.  As you can see Andrew thought nothing of it; he went straight up with the big kids.  Below, you'll see Nathan sliding down the slide (I'm at the top).
Coming up in the Summer Fun series: Free pool time, Cove, and Pretend City

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  1. How fun!! If you guys are going to the pretend city in Irvine let me know :) We have tickets I've been waiting to use. Maybe I can take the day off and join you!