Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swim Lessons

 I'm happy to report that Andrew's summer of swim lessons is complete. 
We signed up for two sessions of two weeks each (June 25-July 19).  While, it was nice to be able to go consistently, by the end of the second session I was ready to be finished with lessons (there is just something about getting ready, getting in, getting out, getting Andrew and me dressed every day for 4 weeks that is exhausting).  Dave got off early one day and did a lesson with Andrew; I was out of the pool taking pictures.  I realized after the last lesson that although I did 15 of the 16 lessons with him, I did not have a single picture of me in the pool with him--oh well!
 By the third week Andrew actually starting doing the motorboat kicks on command!
 Jumping into the pool was a hit.
 Daddy does a bit better "blast off" than mommy.

 until next summer buddy!

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  1. Your work ethic was worth it! Andrew loves the pool and the water and that was the goal. I am glad that Dave got to enjoy a lesson for a day. Those "blast offs" can hurt the next day!! Great job Jennifer...your little man enjoys the pool. Love Grandma Lynette